Michael G. Gromotka, Photographer

Michael G. Gromotka is a Berlin based portrait photographer and landscape photographer, appearing under his label “lichtbildrausch”.

Michael Gromotka began his career as a journalist. This had a deep impact on his pictorial style, as his photography is still profoundly characterised by a documentary viewpoint.

In his portrait photography, he often shows people in their chosen or accustomed environment, in moments where they almost forget that they are communicating with a camera instead of directly with a person. The results are pictures of unusual immediateness and direct communication with the viewer.

This is also true for his landscape photography, where Michael Gromotka strives to create immediacy by showing the ambience around him in clearly defined, fleeting moments – be it a sunset, a storm building, the short period of blossom in full spring or the quietness of an early morning.

“When I click through the pictures I took on one single morning”, Michael Gromotka says, “it is fascinating to see time passing so quickly. There are so very many moments of different light, colours, moods and atmospheres enclosed in the shortest period of time which at their time seemed eternal, but in fact only lasted for a fleeting moment. Photography can capture those moments and endow them with a lasting impact on the viewer.”